Full-Moom Night

Photo from photolibrary.jp 

It’s one past midnight.

Turning off all the lights, I look out of the window.

Photo form www.ashinari.com

Full moon is shing among thin silky clouds.

Leaves are shining and trees casts deep shadows on the grass.

I can even tell the colors of the flowers.

I hear clickets singing

My dog breathing at my feet.

Dew must be falling on the dry grass.

Full-moon night doesn’t belong to night nor day.

It’s like a room with a light hanging from the ceiling called the sky

where all the things share the peacefullness.

Deer, foxes, cats,

Fish swimming under the mirror-like lake

Where another moom is shining

We are here, sharing the moment together.

No need to miss the street lights nor people tonight.

This is the night I treasure.


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