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Oxford Leveled Readers

Wolf Hill


レベル タイトル 音源
Level 1 The Flying Armchair
Hidden Gold
The Hole in the Ground
I Hate Computers!
The Night It Rained Chips
Toxic Waste
More Lelel 1 Andy The Hero
A Good Tip
It Can’t Be
Fair Scare
People Like That
Level 2 Arjo’s Bike
The Exploding Parrot
Funny Sort of Treasure
In the Net
Million-Dollar Egg
The Pool Party
Level 3 Blazing Burgers
The Copper Cockerel
Electric Sandwiches
Remote Control
Siren Green
Skydive Wedding
Level 4 Dirt Bike Rider: Gizmo’s Story
Ghost: Najma’s Story
Hostage!: Kat’s Story
In the End: Andy’s Story
Let’s Hear It for Nan: Loz’s Story
Who’s Kooza: Chris’s Story
Level 5 Alien
Black Holme Island
Last Term at Wolf Hill
Sleepover Shock
Scottish Adventure
Who Kidnapped the Mayor?


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